Organization Design

More than just lines and boxes on a chart, Arden encourages clients to take a holistic approach to organization design. Business strategies, structure, lateral processes, rewards and people are all integral to the design solution.

Arden provides strategic support to leaders as they re-structure their organization to create new capabilities and align to their strategic context. She also delivers workshops, teaching the fundamentals of organization design.

Job Design

Role clarity has emerged as a key factor in helping people understand how individual efforts contribute to company success. Today’s dynamic businesses need a fresh approach to defining work, ensuring flexibility in an environment of constant change.

Arden develops streamlined models, tools and processes to help clients translate work into contemporary job design. She also delivers workshops, teaching the fundamentals of job design.

Job Evaluation

With the right jobs established, organizations must decide on their methodology for establishing job value. Whether clients apply basic ranking, narrative, point-factor, market pricing or a blend of these approaches, their program will require some discipline to ensure consistent and fair application over time.

Arden develops measurement tools and processes to help clients establish the value of work and maintain the integrity and credibility of a sound job evaluation program. She also performs job evaluation and delivers workshops, teaching the fundamentals of this topic.

Compensation Philosophy

A philosophy should serve as the cornerstone and moral compass for compensation program design and decisions. Arden works with leaders to develop a philosophy that aligns to the organization's strategic context.

Once the philosophy is defined, it’s appropriate to conduct an assessment of current state, providing a reality check on where compensation programs are now in relation to where they need to be. Arden assesses alignment of individual programs to the compensation philosophy, best practices and current trends.

Base Pay

A competitive base pay program is essential to attraction and retention, given today’s talent challenges. Arden helps clients design or refine a base pay structure to reflect the organization’s hierarchy of jobs and target position in the market.

Establishing sound pay practices is equally important to an effective base pay program. To that end, Arden conducts assessment, identifies gaps and develops policies and guidelines to foster fair and consistent salary administration.


Linking rewards to performance can be a key strategy for success and a powerful instrument through which to communicate where your business is headed and how each individual can contribute. Arden helps clients design or refine incentive reward models tailored to fit their business needs.

While incentive rewards are used to acknowledge achievement of annual planned objectives, recognition rewards acknowledge day-to-day accomplishments. Recognition needs to be timely, frequent, genuine, and appropriate. Arden helps clients design a "blueprint" for developing employee recognition programs.


Based on client requirements, Arden provides a wide range of deliverables in each of the service areas:

  • Assessment of current state and gap analysis
  • Development of strategies, guidelines & procedures
  • Communication and facilitation to help staff understand change related to new initiatives
  • Coaching and workshops to help clients build skills and understanding of new concepts and solutions
  • Program design, models, criteria, tools, methods and techniques that foster sustainable programs